Love To Orlando

What to say.

Oftentimes, when senseless tragedy occurs in the world, I'm at a loss for words. So instead of trying to make sense of it, I put on my apron and head into the kitchen. In these times that's the only world that makes sense to me anymore. The only place I feel safe. I let my hands guide me as I go through the motions of making ... whatever. Cookies, muffins, a cake. It doesn't really matter what I make because at the end it's always the same; everytime I finish something a little piece of me gets left behind. I use the pain, the uncertainty, the anger, the sadness ... and I turn it into something good. And this is what I have to offer when I have no more words to say. So to those that lost their lives in the senseless Orlando violence, to those in the LGBTQA community who fear for their safety everyday, for those just going through a hard time right now and don't see a way out ... this piece of my heart is for you. And I'm with you.



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Simply Sweet Sayings...

"A party without cake is just a meeting."

-- Julia Child