The Journey Begins

It all started with a dream and a whisk ....

Just kidding. I'm not really sure where it started. I woke up one day and thought "wouldn't it be great if I could make cakes smaller? Like ... cup sized?" Ideas swirled around my head, different flavours, colours, textures, the possibilities seemed endless. As I rushed to my computer to patent this brilliant idea of the "cupped cake" if you will, I was shocked to find out that some jerk had stolen my idea ... about 200 years earlier. "Damn!" I'm sure I must have exclaimed, to no one in particular, probably. From that day forth, I sought to perfect these tiny cute confections to the best of my abilities. Not only that, I resolved to spread the word to anyone who will listen, because really, why the hell not? Making the world happier one cupcake at a time? Well, actually, baking one cupcake at a time would be a giant pain in the ass ... BUT(T) (haha) I digress.

This blog is for people who share similar passions, quirkiness aside. Yes, cupcakes are cute but to me they're so much more than that. Cupcakes have a way of telling a story, and creating them is like creating a symphony with no music experience required. When you've had a bad day and you'd like to tell that person exactly where to shove that (insert frustration here), whisk the rage away instead of punching them in the face (physically or metaphorically ... with your words). When you get your heart broken and all you want to do is cry, USE THOSE TEARS and create a salted caramel buttercream (EDIT: I wouldn't actually recommend crying into your food. But hey pigging out on a well-made batch of cupcakes is a hell of a lot more gratifying than scarfing down the Ben and Jerry's [7 dollars for a pint? seriously?!]). Put that chunky monkey down ladies (and gents, I won't discriminate) and break out the hand mixer, because it's time to get to work.

Whether you've never baked before in your life, or whether you're practically Martha Stewart (minus the jail time), this blog is for you. I will be posting things for all different skill levels and of course will be dazzling man and child alike with my sparkling personality ... obviously. I hope to engage you in a way those movies they put on in science class never could (except for Bill Nye of course) and maybe teach you a thing or two along the way.

Well, I better get baking! And I hope you'll keep reading.

your resident fairy odd-mother,

Sarah {[] (it's a cupcake ...)


  1. Sarah, I am extremely pleased that you have found something that, not only are you stunningly good at it, but you also enjoy doing. Furthermore, I am endlessly pleased that it makes you happy, and therefore I look forward to enjoying more of your wonderfully tasty creations, and reading some great blogs.

    Always and forever,

    Your Big Brother

  2. LOVE the Martha Stewart Jailtime reference!!
    I can't wait to read up on your baking adventures!



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